Frequently Asked Questions

Do you provide skilled care as well as Assisted Living? How long can the resident live in your community before having to go to a nursing home?

We do not provide skilled nursing care, but Physical Therapy, Home Health, and Hospice can come to the community just as they would if the resident were in their own home. Our goal is for our residents to reside here for as long as they choose. However, there are times when that isn't possible. For instance, if a resident has surgery, skilled care may be needed for a short time before moving back into our community. Please see if one of the Wisconsin Illinois Senior Housing facilities would be convenient for you by visiting

Who lives in assisted living residences?

It is estimated that one million Americans live in more than 20,000 assisted living communities. Assisted living residents can be young or old, affluent or low income, frail or disabled.

A typical resident is a woman in her eighties, and is either widowed or single. Residents may suffer from mild Alzheimer's disease or memory disorders, or may simply need help with mobility, incontinence or other challenges. Assisted living is appropriate for someone who is too frail to live at home or who wants extra support. The average age is 84, with the range being between 70 to over 100!

Can I live in assisted living if I have a wheelchair, walker or just have difficulty in walking?

Yes. We seek to allow residents to remain in the independent assisted living setting as long as possible. Unless you have unusual problems, which should be discussed with our Administrator, we accept and encourage people who need assistance with ambulation to live with us.

Can I take my family member/resident home with me for the weekend or on trips/outings?

Absolutely, independence is encouraged in the assisted living community. The facilty, as healthcare manager, will want to have contact with you or your family member as necessary in case of emergencies or treatment changes.

Does your facility have a secure step-up unit for persons with dementia-type disorders?

Not at this time, however, look for updates in the near future regarding our development.

Can residents call for help from their apartments in case of an emergency?

All residents’ rooms have intercoms and call systems. There are pull cords in the bathrooms. These systems are monitored 24-hours a day.

What are visiting hours at your facility?

Living at our facility is no different than living at home—you and your guests are free to come and go as you please.

May I bring my own furnishings to my apartment?

Absolutely. This is your home and you should have all the comforts and furnishings to which you are accustomed. Our residents enjoy decorating their own apartments to add their own unique personality to their homes.

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